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 The Webby Award-winning “Box of Oddities" is a podcast that delves into the strange and mysterious aspects of our world, exploring topics ranging from bizarre medical conditions to unsolved mysteries, and from paranormal phenomena to strange cultural practices from around the world. With a focus on oddities, curiosities, and the macabre, each episode is a journey into the unknown, where hosts Kat and Jethro Gilligan Toth share their love for unusual stories and inject their humor and commentary. From the strange history of medical practices to chilling true crime stories, to natural (and unnatural) events, "The Box of Oddities" satisfies your thirst for the weird and the unusual, offering an informative and entertaining look into the dark and mysterious corners of our world.

The Box of oddities

 "Should you be the type who has interest in weird stuff, this is a fun thing to allow in your head!"

                                         -JIMMY KIMMEL, ABC-TV


 “Truth is stranger than fiction, and The Box of Oddities is the

strangest of all!'

                                         -SLUGGO, SIRIUS XM LITHIUM


"Kat & Jethro wring humor from bizarre, macabre and perplexing places.”

                                              -Boston Magazine

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