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Episode #600 Transcript

In this episode of The Box of Oddities, hosts Jethro and Kat celebrate their 600th episode by swapping roles and surprising each other with their respective stories. Jethro delves into the fascinating concept of Peto's paradox, exploring why larger animals like elephants have a lower risk of cancer. Meanwhile, Kat shares the intriguing tale of the Dolores Barrios incident, where a woman claiming to be from Venus captivated attendees at a UFO convention. Join them for a fun and unexpected episode filled with aliens, testicles, and more.

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Episode #601 Transcript

In this episode of The Box of Oddities, Jethro and Kat explore the mysterious phenomenon known as the Great Attractor, a massive force in deep space that is pulling entire galaxies towards it. They delve into various theories about its nature, including the possibility of it being a supercluster, dark matter, a bridge to a parallel universe, or even the work of an advanced civilization. The hosts also discuss recent discoveries in ancient Egyptian tombs, including the presence of gold tongues believed to aid communication with the afterlife. Tune in for a mind-bending journey through space and time.

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Episode #602 Transcript

In this episode, Kat and Jethro discuss the rare medical condition known as Auto Brewery Syndrome (ABS), or gut fermentation syndrome, where the body produces excessive amounts of ethanol internally. They share the story of Mark Mongilliardo, a teacher who was repeatedly accused of being drunk at work due to the symptoms of ABS. The hosts explore the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for ABS, as well as the intriguing case of Louis Le Prince, a French inventor who disappeared after inventing motion pictures, leading to speculation about the involvement of Thomas Edison.

Episode #603 Transcript

In this episode, Jethro and Kat share three incredible survival stories. They begin with Edward Allen Oxford, who survived for two years on a tropical island after his ship was torpedoed in Antarctica during World War I. They then discuss Michael Benson, a cinematographer who survived a helicopter crash into an active volcano while filming for a movie. Finally, they recount the miraculous survival of Julianne Kopke, who fell from the sky after her plane was struck by lightning and crashed into the Amazon rainforest. These stories of resilience and survival will leave you in awe.

Episode #604 Transcript

In this episode, Kat and Jethro explore the chilling story of Annabelle, a haunted doll that wreaked havoc on the lives of its owners. They recount how two nursing students, Laura and Deidre, unknowingly invited a demonic presence into their apartment by granting permission for the spirit to inhabit the doll. The doll's activities escalated, leading to terrifying encounters and even physical harm. The Warrens, renowned paranormal investigators, eventually intervened and locked Annabelle in a glass case at their occult museum. The episode sheds light on the fascinating relationship between pop culture and paranormal folklore.

Episode #605 Transcript

Step right up and explore the fascinating history of freak shows! From curiosity cabinets to P.T. Barnum's American Museum, these spectacles captivated audiences with unique physical conditions and abilities. Join Jethro and Kat as they delve into the lives of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins, and General Tom Thumb. Discover how these individuals transcended the label of "freak" to become icons in an era where being different meant becoming a star. Explore the legacy of freak shows and the ongoing debates about exploitation and representation.

Episode #606 Transcript

Join Jethro and Kat as they uncover the dark and intriguing stories behind two fascinating historical events. First, they delve into the worst year ever, 536, plagued by a mysterious fog, crop failures, and the outbreak of the bubonic plague. Then, they explore the Fiestas de Santa Fe and the burning of Zozobra, a 50-foot-tall marionette effigy symbolizing the destruction of worries and troubles. Discover the magic and traditions of this festival that has been going on for almost 100 years. Don't miss out on this captivating episode.

Episode #607 Transcript

In this episode, Jethro and Kat explore the fascinating world of retrofuturism, where people in the past made predictions about the future. From giant fruits to underwater cities, they delve into the imaginative and sometimes outlandish visions of the future. Discover how people in the past envisioned everything from transportation to food and clothing. Join them as they discuss the accuracy of these predictions and the surprising insights they offer about our own present and future. Get ready for a journey through time and imagination.

Episode #608 Transcript

In this episode, Jethro and Kat discuss the phenomenon of déjà vu, exploring its common occurrence and various theories behind its occurrence. They delve into the cognitive and neurological explanations, as well as the mystical and quantum physics perspectives. The conversation also touches on Yogi Berra's famous quotes and the connection between dreams and déjà vu. Tune in to unravel the mysteries of this intriguing sensation.

Episode #609 Transcript

In this episode, Jethro and Kat explore the fascinating story of Percival Lowell, an astronomer who believed in the existence of intelligent life on Mars and built the Lowell Observatory. They also delve into the deceptive world of E.P. Janes, a master con artist who created a charming village of cottages in Los Angeles. Discover the captivating tales of these intriguing characters and their impact on science and society.

Episode #610 Transcript

In this episode of The Box of Oddities, Jethro and Kat discuss bizarre and impractical inventions from the 1920s, including the isolator helmet and the baby cage. They also explore the mysterious Doddleston incident, where a couple corresponded with a person claiming to have lived in their cottage four centuries earlier. Plus, they delve into the secretive world of the Bohemian Grove and its annual gathering of influential men. Join them as they uncover oddities and share intriguing stories.

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